27 Nov, 2013

Equivital achieves landmark IECEx, ATEX and Class 1 Division 1 certification for Industrial worker safety and welfare monitoring system

Equivital achieves landmark IECEx, ATEX and Class 1 Division 1 certification for Industrial worker safety and welfare monitoring system


Equivital, the market leader in mobile human, body monitoring systems, today announced it has achieved the IECEx, ATEX and Class 1, Division 1 certification for its flagship product, the EQ02 LifeMonitor.


Following this, the system can now be used in hazardous and explosive environments in Europe and North America and other countries that recognise these standards.  It is the first body worn multi parameter physiological sensor system to receive this certification.


ATEX is a directive mandating the stringent testing and certification of equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres established by the European Union in 2003.  The IECEx

provides assurance that equipment and systems are manufactured and operated according to the highest International Standards of safety.


The EQ02 LifeMonitor, a body worn sensor that logs and transmits mobile human performance data in real time, has been specifically adapted to meet the demands of the hazardous worker environment. Equivital’s Black Ghost system uses data sent from the EQ02 LifeMonitor as well as other sources of relevant data including GPS and weather to provide continuous, real-time safety, welfare and wellbeing monitoring.  The system is designed for use by workers that operate in challenging and potentially hazardous industrial environments such as petrochemical processing plants and offshore drilling rigs.


The system has been developed to give organisations access to real-time information on worker safety and welfare and to improve site operational efficiency. In the longer term the rich contextualised data sets collected by Black Ghost will allow for data mining, which in turn will help to further improve welfare and wellbeing of workers through the development of new intelligence and metrics. With safe sensors and integrated alarms and alerts, the Black Ghost system facilitates speedy allocation of medical resource on the ground across the full range of industrial environments as and when events happen. The system also incorporates multiple levels of stakeholder access allowing remote viewing of many facilities from different locations ensuring safety and efficiency are of primary concern.


Anmol Sood, CEO Equivital “This is an important landmark for Equivital and the global industrial health and safety landscape.  We are excited at the potential benefit to industrial worker safety and wellbeing along with the operational efficiency gains that are now possible.  As the first body worn multi parameter medical device to achieve these ratings, Equivital is looking forward to working with a number of organisations to improve the safety and wellbeing of their workers in hazardous environments.”


For more information please visit Black Ghost ISAW


About Equivital

Equivital’s end to end mobile human monitoring and data intelligence solutions have been developed and commercialised by a world class team of business people, engineers, doctors and physiologists who have pioneered the field of mobile human monitoring and real world data  for over a decade.  The team has worked extensively with partners such as the US Marine Corps, US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM), NHS Hospital trusts and provided their technology to monitor the physiological wellbeing of Felix Baumgartner in last October’s Red Bull Stratos Space Jump. 


Equivital develops and helps integrate products and services into the infrastructure of organisations. Solutions are targeted at B2B customers in the Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Safety Critical sectors.