The equivital technology platform has been developed with the principle of accurate and actionable mobile human data at its core.


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Equivital Technology Platform

Throughout our research and development cycles we channel our thinking by asking - ‘what value can we bring to the user by delivering mobile human data in this application’? This has helped to create a consumer centric technology platform, aligned to the needs of Equivital’s users. 


Technology Platform


The Equivital core technology platform consists of four components:

1. Sensors

The Equivital technology platform includes the LifeMonitor body worn sensor and thrid party partner sensors. The LifeMonitor is able to monitor and intelligently process data.

On-board sensor processing

a. Noise Management

The LifeMonitor delivers reliable and accurate data, with high levels of robustness against noise and environment.

At least three major types of noise exist in highly ambulatory environments when monitoring humans :-

  • Noise created by the human body e.g.. Muscle, skin and body hair
  • Noise created by the environment
  • Noise created by sweat

Equivital hardware and embedded software is optimised to manage this noise without the need for intrusive sensors in order that the best quality data can be retrieved for decision making 

b. Derived Intelligence

The Equivital LifeMonitor has on-board capability to intelligently process multiple data channels to provide intelligent derived measures in real time.  The algorithms responsible for this derived intelligence are developed by the Equivital team or partners.

2. Communications

The data from the Lifemonitor (or other ancillary sensors that can be integrated into the system) can be uploaded retrospectively to the web, or transmitted in real time via integrated communications modem such as Bluetooth or external comms modem such as 3G/4G/WiFi/Professional radio.

3. Software applications

To view and analyse the data in real time or retrospectively (web, mobile & PC based).The software allows for customised dashboards to be created allowing organisations to have completely unique systems for their specific purpose, manipulating and accessing precisely the data that is important to them. Taking this principle further the Equivital Software Suite includes application software and SDKs for Java and Dot net to allow for integration into third party systems.

4. The Database

The database allows multiple types of contextualised subjective and objective raw and derived data to be stored and mined. This allows for greater understanding, feedback, modelling and development of data intelligence.



Intellectual Property

To date, Hidalgo’s IP portfolio consists of an array of patents associated with the Equivital system invention.In addition to this, Hidalgo owns associated IP in the form of know how, confidential information & trademarks


Equivital’s technology platform has been developed for users in military training, pharmaceutical, research (healthcare, sports) & hazardous worker. The need in each of these areas is to be able to understand the target end user (the soldier, the clinical trial subject or the oil rig worker) and how their body performs and adapts to the different requirements of their day to day activities. The key aim is to understand cause and effect behaviours and then allow change to be made to bring about organisational and personal improvement. So that data is used, in real time and retrospectively to better assess safety, performance, efficiency, well being and welfare of the user.