24 Dec, 2018

Equivital's 2018 Roundup

What an exciting year of transformation and growth 2018 has been for the Equivital family. 

With high profile releases from the likes of Apple and Fitbit and year on year growth in all age ranges for use of wearable products, the professional wearable tech market has benefitted from a huge surge in interest due to increased consumer awareness.

To support this we increased our team size by 40%, a trend we expect to build upon in 2019, and successfully opened a new office in London.  This has improved our ability to grow our talented team and offer even more flexible working initiatives.

We’ve had an extremely strong year in terms of financial performance thanks to the support of our partners and customers.  Our business development, marketing and product teams have spent more time understanding the needs of our customers and ensuring, with our development team, that we can deliver on those in our 2019 product release calendar.     

The Equivital team have undertaken some noteworthy charitable endeavors this year including the Cancer Research UK Veg Pledge, skydiving in memory of a much loved team member and our Christmas campaign supporting Doctors without Borders and International Rescue Committee. We hope each individual and the company as a whole can continue to contribute to these fundraising activities.

We thank each and every person, team, and company that we’ve had the privilege to work with in 2018 and look forward to growing these relationships in 2019. 

To our team, in 2019, continue to innovate, be curious and above all be passionate.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a successful, Happy New Year.  

Anmol Sood, CEO of Equivital