23 Apr, 2020

Equivital’s SEM used in recent clinical trial to analyze patients remotely

The trial was conducted over a number of weeks and the Clinicians needed to assess patients in their homes in between the clinical observation opportunities in the laboratory.

By using Equivital’s remote sensor belt and SEM they were able to do so in a non-invasive way simply and easily. The Equivital harness was able to record ECG, respiratory function, skin temperature, and tri-axial accelerometer which measures a person’s body orientation and movement. Data for patients was needed continuously over 24hour period including during sleep and Equivital’s SEM monitor can be worn comfortably for patients and has a battery life up to 13 hours and was therefore suitable for sleep assessment. 

Data was recorded and then analyzed via the ADInstruments PowerLab software that connects to the Equivital’s SEM.

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