"At Equivital, we are inspired by working on challenging and creative projects, with our partners, where a new application for mobile human monitoring is explored.  We have experience of working on both quirky and serious, life saving products.  The important thing for us is unleasing the power of this amazing data"

Anmol Sood

CEO Equivital


Equivital and Mercedes: Sound with Power

When Mercedes set out to discover how the human really interacts with the AMG Series car they naturally came to Equivital. They came to Equivital not just because of our expertise in accurately acquiring mobile human data from real people, in real environments, but also because of our deep understanding of mobile human data; knowing what should be measured and what it could potentially tell us about that person.

Mercedes wanted to know how the driver reacted to the sound, sight and feeling of the car and how the these different stimuli combined to elicit an emotional response.

 Equivital Mercedes


Equivital answered this question using Equivital body worn sensor technologies to collect data that would indicate the drivers authentic real world response to the car. This objective sensor data was analysed by the Equivital data analytics team and translated into a simple index based representation of that drivers human response. This was the basis for the visualisation of the drivers emotions in the advert.


 Equivital Mercedes


Equivital had the technology and in-house expertise to turn Mercedes “idea” into reality.


Equivital Mercedes


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