World Class Mobile Human Monitoring for your Application

Equivital products enable you to measure and view physiological data almost anywhere. Having been undersea with NASA and to the edge of space with Redbull our products deliver high quality data from people in the most extreme environments. 

Training and Research (TnR) 

EquivitalTM TnR Products offer flexible wireless real time and retrospective human physiological monitoring solutions to meet the needs of a variety of researchers.  With FDA and CE clearance, and an ever expanding published papers bibliography, Equivital products are the perfect partner for your research study.

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Black Ghost for Military & Hazardous Area First Response

The Black Ghost monitoring system enables real time heat stress safety and performance monitoring of 1 or more teams. Ideal use cases include military training and applications where PPE and BA Gear is routinely worn.

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Orann for Clinical Trials

Orann provides a simple and streamlined Equivital solution for clinical researchers working on trials with larger subject numbers (greater than 15 subjects).  Real time and retrospective, multiparameter physiological data can be managed easily using Orann for Clinical trials. 

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Industrial Safety 

The EQ02 LifeMonitor is the world's only FDA and CE cleared sensor of its type that has ATEX approval for use in hazardous environments where there is a risk of explosion.  This makes it ideal for safety and welfare monitoring on off shore oil rigs, in land processing plants or mines.

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