Black Ghost ISAW

Black Ghost ISAW provides real-time and continuous safety monitoring of workers performing necessary but potentially hazardous work in industrial facilities.

What is Black Ghost ISAW?

Black Ghost ISAW is a real-time safety, welfare and wellbeing monitoring system designed for use by workers that operate in challenging, potentially hazardous and explosive industrial environments.


How does Black Ghost ISAW work?

At its core Black Ghost ISAW leverages data sent from an intrinsically safe version of the body worn EQ02 LifeMonitor to provide real-time safety, welfare and location information of workers within a given facility. This information is sent using Radio/Satcom/GSM/GPRS/WiFi and can be viewed by key stakeholders locally or remotely.  Black Ghost ISAW also integrates other relevant data sources including environmental data, sensor data and subject data to provide contextualised actionable information in real time and during data analysis.  The Black Ghost ISAW web service can be accessed via desktop and mobile devices ensuring ease of use and anytime access.  The web service can include customised data sources and bespoke real time and analytics dashboards tailored by user type.


Where can Black Ghost ISAW be used?

The highly configurable nature of Black Ghost ISAW’s deployment architecture and its utilisation of intrinsically safe sensors mean that Black Ghost ISAW is suitable for the most challenging and hazardous of facilities from off shore drilling rigs to in land petrochemical processing refineries.  It is valuable as a real time industrial worker monitoring solution and as a tool to help improve the wellbeing of individuals.


What are the benefits of Black Ghost ISAW?

Tick  Black Ghost ISAW can use the IECEx, ATEX, Class 1, Division 1 classified  EQ02 LifeMonitor 

Tick  The system provides real time worker health monitoring with automated alerts for indication of events 

Tick  Capability for integration of workflow management as required

Tick  Local and remote access to real time facility information with multiple levels of stakeholder access

Tick  Deployed in line with an organisation's standard operating procedures


For further information or to book a demonstration of Black Ghost ISAW please contact the Equivital Team