Black Ghost

Black Ghost military training system provides real-time actionable information for critical decision making.

What is Black Ghost?

Black Ghost  is a scalable military training system that provides real-time situational awareness including geo-location, geo-fencing and real-time safety alerts and alarms from soldiers within the training environment.



How Does Black Ghost Work?

Black Ghost uses data sent from Equivital body worn sensors and other sources to provide real-time actionable information for critical decision making during training. The data is streamed into Black Ghost via the soldier's Radio/Cellular Phone/Satcom or other communications medium.



What Benefits Does Black Ghost Provide?

Tick  Black Ghost provides access to relevant real-time information from the training ground to help improve training practices, safety and efficiency

Tick  The system gives access to relevant information to measure changes in performance against a baseline

Tick  Using Black Ghost gives trainers objective validation of training practises and helps in the development of new practise and adaptive training techniques

Tick  Black ghost provides information that helps to improve understanding of individual and squad performance, effects of fatigue and effects of psycho-physiological stressors



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For further information or to request a demonstration of Black Ghost please contact the Equivital Team