Black Ghost

The Black Ghost monitoring system provides real-time, actionable, health and safety data for critical decision making in hazardous environments.

What is Black Ghost?

Black Ghost is a real time health, safety and performance monitoring system for protecting first responders, industrial workers and those working in CBRNE applications.  It includes a body wide sensor network and communication of the safety and location data to the secure, HIPAA compliant Black Ghost web application.  Black Ghost is designed to be used in hazardous environments to help protect those who protect us.



How Does Black Ghost Work?

Data from the Body wide network includes the LifeMonitor and other modular sensor options including SpO2 and GPS.  This can be transmitted over WiFi, 4G or custom radio comms to the Black Ghost Server application.  The Black Ghost application enables visualisation of physiological data (HR,RR,Heat Strain Index), GPS location, other sensor data and subject or system alerts.  It also allows reports to be generated after a monitoring session.



What Benefits Does Black Ghost Provide?

Tick  Real time health, safety and location dataand alerts from people operating in hazardous environements or wearing PPE

Tick  Ability to integrate safety sensors into one platform for ease of use

Tick  Ability to adapt standard operating procedures from retrospective analysis of data




Download the Black Ghost brochure

For further information, to request a demonstration of Black Ghost or to enquire about a custom sensor integration please contact the Equivital Team