eqWave Social Distancing Device 

A solution to keeping your distance in the workplace

eqWave Social Distancing Device

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created a challenging environment for most businesses to operate in.  With national and international efforts to curb the spread of the virus so far proving successful, it is imperative that as we return to work and get industry and the economy moving again, we remember to put staff safety at the forefront.

Equivital’s new eqWave™, worker protection device, gives workers and organisations peace of mind to continue operating effectively whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Shipping now, the new FCC and CE cleared device gives confidence and peace of mind to the UK workforce and employers

Using advanced wireless technology, the eqWave™ gives 360-degree, centimetre precise measurements between two people even in environments where line of sight transmission is not possible. The device is worn by the wearer and generates a vibratory and visual alert if two devices are within the infringing distance.

The device has a long battery life and is compatible with personal protective equipment (PPE).  

With no other infrastructure requirements, it’s as easy as giving your team a device each and they can start working safely, straight away.


eqWave™ Device Features:

Tick Accurate measurement technology (UWB and Bluetooth)

Tick Real-time haptic and visual alerts

Tick Long battery life

Tick Compact and easy to wear (even with PPE)

Tick Weatherproof (IP54 rated)


eqWave™ Mobile App:

Tick  Secure and GDPR compliant

Tick  Support for contact tracing in the event of a symptomatic worker

Tick  APIs available for integration into 3rd party systems


Download the brochure for more information and technical specifications. 

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