The TnR product range is supplemented by a wide range of accessories that include ancillary sensors for increased data capture such as the Core Body Temperature Capsule, Galvanic Skin Response sensor and NoninTM Oxygen Saturation Probe (including PPG).


          Ancillary Sensors

Core Pill Temperature Capsule


Dermal Patch Skin Temperature


Equivital Core Pill and Dermal Patch Activator


Nonin iPod SpO2 Oxygen Saturation Sensor


Nonin XPod Connector


GSR Galvanic Skin Response Sensor


Omron Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor


Nonin WristOx2 Bluetooth Oxygen Saturation Monitor


External Battery Pack


 Live Data Transmission

Equivital EQ02 SEM Bluetooth Dongle


 Data Management

Equivital EQ02 SEM M Dock for charging and data transfer


Equivital EQ02 SEM Single Lead for charging and data transfer