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To access and analyse precisely the data you want Equivital™ provides a range of intuitive software programmes for real time and retrospective use. Data can be transmitted in real time from the LifeMonitor via integrated Bluetooth.

Equivital Software Screenshots

VivoSense Screens

Equivital Manager Logo

Equivital Manager is a PC application used for configuration of SEM’s and Equivital data management.


Equivital eqView Professional

eqView Professional is a local or networked PC application used for monitoring subjects, viewing live data, trends and replaying logged data.


Equivital Activity Module Logo

The Activity Module is an analysis and reporting module that works with Equivital heart rate, breathing rate and accelerometer data to provide energy expenditure and activity analytics.

The Activity Module supports subject specific attributes and follows a simple "Calibrate Measure Analyse" sequence of events.


Equivital Qiosk Logo

The Equivital Qiosk is a streamlined, device and data management software tool which is configured specifically for your study needs.

Especially suited to studies with larger volumes of subjects or data, multiple sites or multiple site data management staff, Qiosk provides a simplified interface to ensure data security and integrity for clinical research.


Equivital eqView Mobile

eqView Mobile is an Android based mobile application used for viewing live data from a subject locally. eqView Mobile can also forward data using Wi-Fi, 3G/4G etc. Current version is for Android enabled devices.


Equivital Partner Logo

VivoSense modular physiological monitoring and analysis platform that synchronizes, integrates and analyses data from body-worn sensor systems


Equivital Partner Logo

We work with our partners to develop bespoke software solutions that are specific to the users requirements. So, if you don't see exactly what you need please contact us to see how we can help.